Make Your Party Memorable With Fun Audio-Visual Equipment

If you're planning a large or even a small event and you want to create a truly memorable experience, you can add a few extras to make the moment special. When it comes to providing fun music, lighting, and other effects, audio visual rentals from a company like AV Rentals by Center Stage AV can provide you with the equipment you need to get the party started. Here are few ideas for some things you can use to make your next party or another gathering one that your guests will always remember.


Music is the heart of any party, so look for equipment that gives you ample sound and lots of great bass. A good PA system will provide clear sound and give the DJ a great piece of equipment that delivers the right levels of audio needed for dancing and fun. Floor models are heavier and large but they definitely produce a louder sound. There are compact versions of PA equipment that provide digitally enhanced sound and take up a lot less room. Think about the power source you'll need since most PA systems need to be plugged in; however, there are battery-powered versions available as well if you plan to hold your event outside in an area away from active power.

Lighting And Other Effects

Spice up your event using some really cool lighting like rotating strobes that emit different colored beams of light in various patterns onto the dance floor. A piece of equipment known as a mushroom light is simple to use and can be mounted to any surface, and it rotates and spins automatically to create a really cool effect. For special events like weddings or graduation parties, consider renting a projector and screen so you can play videos and photos slides in the background of the happy couple or recent grad. These visual effects will help make the moment even more memorable and add a special spin.

Other Fun Options

Depending on the theme of your party, you can kick it up a notch with some really cool special effects equipment. Fog machines emit a harmless vapor into the air to give your event an air of mystery and they're perfect for Halloween. There are even snow-making machines that can be a really fun addition to your next Christmas party. Lighted cubes are also used to craft a cool ambiance that can double as a table or ottoman. Special drink making machines are available to rent that will let you make mass quantities of frozen margaritas in a pinch to provide a party that will keep everyone happy and looking forward to the next one. 

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