Two Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Creating A Reception Seating Chart

You've had your dress for a year, your favorite flowers have been ordered and all the decorations are in – all the hard work is over now, right? Not so fast. One of the most seemingly easy, but often stressful, tasks of wedding reception planning is creating a seating chart. Trying to remember who doesn't particularly care for whom and other nuisances make the task hard. While it would be unfair to say you can make it easy, with a few helpful tips you can at least simplify the process.  

Choose Table Sizes Wisely

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to table sizes. If you're having trouble coming up with the perfect seating arrangement, it might be time to consider an adjustment in the table size department. Take a reception with 150 guests, for instance, where the couple originally plans for tables with a 6-person setting.

However, when trying to keep couples and plus ones together, this small table size may make the task almost impossible. Instead of stressing over this, a better idea would be to simply increase the size of the tables to a 10 or even 15-person setting layout. In other cases, reducing the size of the table can also be of benefit. Rental agencies typically have a wide range of table sizes that can accommodate your need.

Make Everyone Uncomfortable

When it comes to wedding reception seating arrangements, one thing is often true – you can't make everyone happy. For most couples, this is where the main struggle lies, because they don't know exactly who to make uncomfortable. Why not make everyone uncomfortable, but in a good way? Instead of trying to keep certain people together or apart, create a seating chart that forces people who would not normally connect with one another to interact.

This can mean something as trivial as seating guests together based on the first letter of their name or arranging the seating chart so that members of both families are seated with family members from the opposite side. After all, everyone at the reception has something in common, you and your spouse-to-be, so they will definitely be able to find something to talk about.  

The most important thing to remember is that this is your special day, and with that, there's no need to sweat the small stuff. Through their love for you, your family and friends will be able to easily overlook any seating difficulties that may arise and focus on celebrating this special moment with you.

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