4 Cunningly Creative Bachelor Party Ideas

"I'm planning Joe's bachelor party. Lay on the terrible ideas. I want this thing to be as boring as waiting for a pot to boil," said no friend ever! However, when furrowing their brows over ideas for a best friend's bachelor party, many people settle for tired old clichés. You won't find that here! The following list comprises four scorching new ideas to contemplate when planning your best friend's bachelor party.  

1. Go Skydiving With Friends

Want to jump out of a plane and simulate falling to your death? Sounds like fun right? Live the good life, get it out of your system, and make your brain produce all kinds of endorphins as you free fall. If skydiving is on your bucket list, why not get a few guys together and go soaring through the air at over a hundred miles per hour for several thousand miles to celebrate tying the knot?

2. Taste Some Sweet, Sinful Stuff

Do your friends like to do healthy things like drink or smoke? Visit a whiskey-tasting bar or a cigar-tasting lounge. This isn't a cheap option, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime night. So why not shell out the extra cash to taste the best drinks and smokes around and celebrate your friend's fleeting last moments as a single man?

3. Party Like James Bond

Throw a Casino Royale party. Far from tedious, a casino party is lively and full of fun things to do. It's not a daunting task either. Just hire a casino party service, and boom! You and your friends get to have a wonderful night of drinks while playing casino games like poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, pai gow, slot machines, and even Let it Ride! You can either rent the party service's office, or have the party service come to you at your swanky beach house—which leads right up to the next idea.

4. Rent a Beach House

Rent your very own beach house for the weekend to get a great deal of privacy. You know, for when your friend drinks a little too much, or sings a little too loudly. Also, when your friends all chip in together, you'll come out cheaper than paying pricey hotel fees. A beach house has a rich atmosphere and will give you a lot more room to host your party guests.

Final Thoughts

Best of wishes on your bachelor party. For loads of fun, try some or all of the ideas on this list. One word of caution though: go skydiving before whiskey tasting and not after. Your skydiving instructor will thank you! 

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