Plan A Sweet 16 Birthday Party For Your Daughter

A sweet 16 party is a coming of age celebration that signifies a girl's transition into womanhood. Let your daughter receive the honor that she deserves by throwing a bash at a public venue and hiring a caterer and planning team to assist with preparing the meal and decorating the room where the event is being held.

Choose The Party Location And Theme

Plan the list of invitees first so that you can provide an estimate to the owner of a public venue. Request to rent a separate banquet room inside of the restaurant so that there will enough room for the guests to dine and play party games. Contemplate your daughter's personality and interests to help you come up with a theme for the party. Choose games that fit into the theme and decide what types of colors to use to decorate the room. 

Meet With A Caterer And A Party Planner

Some caterers provide decorations, linens, tableware, food, and beverages. If you can secure a caterer who will handle all of the details associated with the party, provide the individual with insight into what you envision. During the meal planning phase, learn about some popular entrees and main courses that the catering team specializes in.

If you are interested in food from a specific region, then give the head caterer a list of the cultural dishes that you have come up with. All of the entrees and main courses will be prepared and you can sample them and pick which ones you would like to feature on the menu during the party. 

Plan The Table Settings And Decor

The caterer or a party planner will help you choose linens, tableware, centerpieces, and wall decorations that are elegant and symbolic of your daughter's special day. Linens and dishes can be a classic white or neutral color or you can choose a more festive color if you would like to add some vibrancy to the dining area.

Banners, balloons, wall hangings, and additional decor will help liven up the area and provide the room with a celebratory aura. A trellis that is decorated with flowers or a makeshift canopy can be used as the setting where pictures of your daughter and her friends are taken.

Since you are receiving help with the planning and execution of the party, you will have the opportunity to place all of your attention on your daughter and won't need to worry about cleaning up at the end of the social gathering. Contact a rental service, like A Party Place Rentals,  for more help.

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